Saturday, June 25, 2011

pool on the farm

every 50 acre farm needs an in ground pool; or at least I'm glad my parents think so. going to share some photos and videos of our fun week at "grandpa Joe's"

Joey loved watching Grandpa Joe mow the yard on a tractor and loved being pushed around on his tractor

we also liked learning how to jump in the pool.

but didn't like when mom wasn't with me in the pool, but Joey was still cute!

we got our volleyball on.

Emily played so much volleyball that as she was sending a volley back over in a game with 10 year old, her wedding ring flew off over 10feet. The ring was found 2 days later past 6 feet of pool decking, past 4 feet of river rock border, past the black vertical aluminum fence, and into the grass. So thankful the ring was found!

We have a little water bug forming and love my Joey.

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