Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet Maggie

yesterday we got a new puppy!!! A sweet 15 week old female Boxer. The breeder wanted to keep her as a new mom, but let us take her home instead. We're thrilled to start the journey of dog ownership. Our first 30 minutes with this adorable pup were spent cleaning up her 4 bowel movements and vomit in our car (the new one, of course). Alan and I kept joking around that "shit happens". Other than that, our 2 hour car ride was boring.

The cats have been cordial, but not friendly. Bella's tail has been really poofy as of late. Sam just wants to know what's going on.

We named her Maggie because she's so sweet. She's already turning her head to the sound of her name. She's picking up on things really quickly. This morning we worked on going up and down the stairs independently despite the cats' location. Now she spends 30 minutes at a time repeating her new accomplishment until we stop her. We're doing the whole crate training thing and she LOVES her crate. So far it's really easy to talk her into getting in and difficult to convince her to come out. We enjoy celebrating her every potty and poop parties every time: so fun! I can't wait until she picks up on wearing a leash and going for long walks.

Over Memorial Day weekend we enjoyed the company of my brother and his fiance down at the Wommack house. Alan and I ran in the town's 5k and I met my goal of running it in it's entirety. That evening to celebrate all of the kids coming home, my parents threw a little party for the engaged couple and even had a hot air balloon come for rides. My mother-in-law came down from KC, our family friends from central Kansas came with their 5 kids, and my niece was there to name a few. Amazing weekend full of new memories.

In later blogs I will share updates of house projects. Must go play with Maggie again.