Thursday, April 30, 2009

job interview

I wanted to include you on a portion of my job interview at a different local hospital.

The interviewing manager asked, "What made you want to be a nurse?"

And of course I reply, "Honestly,... I love poop. I found an occupation where I can talk about poop all day. and I love people." (Emily adds in hoping her nervous chatter can be overlooked by the redemptive qualities of a "world peace" answer.)

In slight shock and overcome with the blunt statement of reality, the interviewing manager replies, "well, we certainly do have a lot of that here." and she smiled and laughed under her I'm-trying-to-be-professional persona.


That leads me to my favorite question. Have you pooped today?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

spring has sprung

spring break was last week. I don't think I've ever spent a spring break on a road trip in college. we were always doing some music/choir tour...great trips none the less. We enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing in Pensacola, FL. sitting on the beaches, reading a book, making sand creatures, laughing at the southern accents, eating tons of seafood, playing dominoes, captivated by the blue jellyfish in which we later found out they were Portuguese Man O'War ... The older I get the more sheltered in life I realize I was growing up...We've enjoyed exploring the world together.

Another sign of spring is in the vegetation. GREEN!!! I miss the green grass and the birds chirping in the morning. I planted a 4x6 garden a few weeks ago. You'd have thought I had found a $100 bill as I was gleeful to see my lettuce starting to poke through. I planted a purple and green leaf lettuce as well as a row of carrots and several cherry tomato plants. The lettuce is only a centimeter tall, but I'm so ready for real veggies! I'm also proud of myself for "MacGyver"-ing a deer deterrent system made of 2x4's and chicken wire. Take that you hungry little deer that think our backyard is a highway for your hoof prints. Our backyard has also become a home for a mole (Alan's arch-nemesis). Although the enemy has been defined we have chosen to be humane and are hoping if we just starve the sucker to death he will leave our dominion... aka use a powerful grub killer.

Our household is currently debating what kind of dog/puppy to get. We have a few features defined. Has to be a medium build, Sammy has to still be the dominate animal, has to be a stray or from the shelter, no froo-froo dog. Possible dog breeds: Terrier, Shar Pei, hound, boxer, beagle...
The World of Wegener continues...