Saturday, June 25, 2011

pool on the farm

every 50 acre farm needs an in ground pool; or at least I'm glad my parents think so. going to share some photos and videos of our fun week at "grandpa Joe's"

Joey loved watching Grandpa Joe mow the yard on a tractor and loved being pushed around on his tractor

we also liked learning how to jump in the pool.

but didn't like when mom wasn't with me in the pool, but Joey was still cute!

we got our volleyball on.

Emily played so much volleyball that as she was sending a volley back over in a game with 10 year old, her wedding ring flew off over 10feet. The ring was found 2 days later past 6 feet of pool decking, past 4 feet of river rock border, past the black vertical aluminum fence, and into the grass. So thankful the ring was found!

We have a little water bug forming and love my Joey.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

adventures at the Botanical Garden

Joey and I went to the St Louis Botanical Garden earlier this month. We wanted to post some photos up here.

He loves water, and we of course were attracted to every water fountain.

He called the statues of sheep, dogs. Duh, of course they are dogs; i see 4 legs.

He wanted to know about everything!!! pointing at things for me to describe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

breast milk donation

What do I do with the leftover human milk in my freezer? Approximately 45ounces of white liquid gold already pumped. Joey will not drink it from a sippy cup and never has taken a bottle when I'm around; he likes it from the 'tap'. :)
So I search online for milk donations. I can't find anything local to just give milk away. I find requests that milk is 'urgently needed', but you have to have over 100 ounces. There's where you can donate locally by state, but I still don't know. Having to prove I don't have HIV/hepatitis/nasty habits, takes out the benevolence of sharing my sacred milk.

I can't stomach the idea of throwing it away.

And then I find this blog!!!!
Perfect timing on the idea of donating. Knowing that donation centers are going to Prolacta Bioscience really takes the altruism out of the situation.

I guess I really want to know who gets this treasure of mine. I'm sharing something very personal, so I guess it needs to be done in a personal manner if at all.

Or i'll just add it to his smoothie with the extra serving of veggies he doesn't eat...

****update****I found a home for my milk. I'm so happy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i had a skin tag removed on my neck because Joey was harassing the heck out of it. Joey would dig his little finger nails in and repeatedly pinch this one area. When he was nursing this little skin tag had become his source of comfort. After bumping his head, he would throw his little body in my arms and look for the skin tag to hold. This little habit was getting really annoying.

My skin tag was removed with a laser, basically cauterized off. The scab was irritated by lots of chlorine and pool time (totally worth it). Now that it's irritated I have to let it heal.

now I'm suffering from post-op infection. Purulent drainage, yellow exudate, red skin margins, low grade temps (100.6), nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue, and achy body. I'm hoping my body can fight this thing naturally without the aid of oral antibiotics. I think antibiotics have been significantly overused and I understand any other person would already be pushing the antibiotics down their throats. Here's my thought...why would you kill all of the good bacteria that your body is producing? instead wouldn't you want to boost your system with bacteria fighting immunity powers? i haven't had my kefir for a week since I've been out of town; that will help. More Kefir and increase pro-biotic intake...maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. That's healing from the inside out. keeping the wound clean and treating with a topical antibiotic promotes healing from the outside in.

So, will vanity or health win?

2 days later I'm 100% and my mole is healing slowly, but healing. I'm glad I'm healthy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dream House

As we're selling our current house, I really want to dream more about our next house.

I'm sure I'll have to edit and add to this post more than once, that's the best part of dreams - they change and grow.

My house will have an area for a vegetable garden and a children's garden.
My yard will have fragrant bushes and many varieties of cutting flowers.
We'll have a large platform king-sized bed with a matching bedroom set.
No more split entry homes, I'm so tired of being greeted by stairs.
There will be mature shade trees in the yard, one tree with the perfect limb for a swing.
The neighborhood will enjoy dogs and be friendly. Neighbors will be outside enjoying themselves.
A backyard shall not be a ski slope.
Our 2 car garage will be organized with a shelving system.
Large walk-in closet at least in the master bedroom.
Separate bathroom sinks to keep our marriage going strong.
Large kitchen for merry gatherings and happy bellies.
A quiet street with minimal car traffic so my children can play in the front or backyard.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

toddler musings of late

my little toddler is always amazing me. the last 5 days have created a multitude of hilarious moments that I have to write down and share in this blog-a-sphere.

~it's official Joey likes to run with scissors. He found some in his cousins room and ran like the wind.

~devoured 2 1/2 eggs at breakfast over the weekend and then wanted 'more, more, more'.

~he has an infatuation with toothbrushes (which is hilarious by itself being a grandson of a dentist in which he shares his name and birthday), but he takes said toothbrush and was scrubbing away. He scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush. so helpful.

~we took him to the town's memorial day gathering/katy days. the kid is infatuated with balloons. we were a half block away from the park where katy days festivities were happening and Joey was doing everything he could to climb out of my arms while he started repeatedly chanting 'gagoon, gagoon'. his little heart loves everything about a balloon. we changed our plans and immediately had to find the balloon stand and get the poor kid a gagoon!

~also at Katy Days was a petting zoo. A miniature pony, goats, bunnies, a wallaby, chicks, and Joey's favorite - ducklings

~any Memorial Day is not offical until you take a dip in the pool. Joey thought the pool was still a bit cool, but he had fun. instead he played with the pool noodles and kept himself busy at the pool's edge.

~he also has taken to driving at a young age. this is only been started with his love for testing out buttons.

~spent 5 solid minutes examining a fellow toddler's belly button. The conversation between them I'm guessing went something like this: joey-'i have a belly button' Tucker-'no way, I have a belly button' joey-'can i see yours?' tucker-'sure, but where's your belly button' joey-'right here, oh bother, this shirt gets in the way' Tucker-'i know what you mean. can i touch your belly button again?' Joey-'i love belly buttons'...

~ and he's getting to be really brave. standing on his car. my motherly heart sinks just a bit trying to prep myself the day he has to have his first stitches or first cast from a broken bone. Moms of boys...

~Joey loves to hold his pee-pee; i don't know if it's because his foreskin is intact or if it's just a guy thing. He grabs it out of his diaper or just takes the diaper all the way off pretty frequently throughout the day. well in front of his great-grandma he did his Houdini thing and whipped out his pee-pee. My Nana, in that sweet old lady thing where they whisper but it's really loud, leans over to my mom and says, "something's wrong with his penis". I started laughing...apparently my sweet Nana has never seen and non-circumcised male before and legitimately thought Joey had damaged his pee-pee by all of the tugging and pulling.