Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Happy 27th birthday, Alan!

We had a nice cookout in the backyard. Maggie is getting big, but she's not spoiled. Can you tell?

Disappointment in my reproductive system took me to the Emergency Room a few weeks ago. Although the pain is gone, questions are still unanswered. I took a sick day on the 12th and still want' feeling up to par for work craziness. Thankfully I was canceled on the 13th and could enjoy a short visit with Nana during her family reunion of sorts. The Hickman side of the family hadn't met for 20 years. I love my Nana.

This past weekend we enjoyed the company of my mom, my niece and my cousin. We did St Louis!...the arch, zoo, children's museum, water park... WHEW! Alan and I had trouble keeping up with their energy level. I know I'm still young at heart when an ice cream sandwich puts a smile back on my face.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Project "make the 70's go away"

Remodeling our home has been an adventure. Although crazy and expensive like all hobbies getting rid of the 70's motif has given us a new found way to acchieve positive feedback. In fact our confidence in skills keeps growing. Alan has been suprising himself in the current bathroom remodel.


Enjoying having a neighbor with lots of toys

Currently finishing tile